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House of Doc

House of Doc Winnipeg quartet with stunning four-part harmonies, a Roots/Folk style and instrumentation, Bluegrass/Gospel feel, Canadiana-laced songs and a deep Mennonite musical heritage. One of Canada's strongest offerings to Roots/Folk music.

Their newest CD "East of West" has reached #1 on Galaxie Radio, #2 on Earshot Folk/Roots chart, and has made a strong impression with campus radio programmers across Canada. It was selected as one of Jurgen Gothe's 'Best of 2007', and summer & fall of 2008 have the schedule filling up with touring.

Listen to House of Doc

Rain Before The Fall [8.13 MB, mp3 format]
Sweet City Woman [6.35 MB, mp3 format]
Lullaby [8.09 MB, mp3 format]
BuzNB [6.95 MB, mp3 format]


For bookings contact: Steve Butler (Toronto) or Aaron Schubert (Winnipeg) at Paquin Entertainment -

Visit House of Doc's website for more details.


Quinzy Two sets of brothers who are also cousins because their mothers are sisters. You figure it out. Some of the very finest pop songs in a generation, coming from the Canadian Prairies, delivered with imagination and power, and destined for a special place in the world of music.

Quinzy will release 3 EPs in 2008, the first to be released 24 June, entitled "One Boy's Guide to the Moon."

Listen to Quinzy

Glass Wing [3.94 MB, mp3 format]
Battle Hymn [3.33 MB, mp3 format]
Mike! Your House Is On Fire! [4.60 MB, m4a format]


For bookings contact: Vince R. Ditrich / Frontside Group /

Visit Quinzy's website for more details.

Spirit of the West

Spirit of the West Celebrating their 25th year in 2008, the band is releasing a double CD on Rhino/Warner called "Spirituality: A Consummate Compendium," featuring 32 tracks including rarities and 2 brand new songs. Pioneers of blending Celtic with other styles in a way that, a quarter century later, still often defies simple description, the group is still going strong, 13 albums and countless miles later, delivering appreciative audiences such hits as '...And if Venice is Sinking', 'Save This House', 'Puttin' Up with the Joneses', 'Political', and the exceptionally popular drinking anthem "Home For a Rest."

Listen to Spirit of the West

Happy New Year


For bookings contact: Jane Samis / SL Feldman & Associates / Vancouver, BC, Canada /

Visit Spirit of the West's website for more details.


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